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Dumon Partners is a multi services platform, one stop shop in the MENA region, France and Switzerland, combining a market leading corporate services firm, a law firm’s specialist expertise, all through one single platform. We advise SMEs, family businesses and large enterprises through most key industries at all stages of their corporate development whether locally or globally

Dumon Partners and Princeps Strategy (« DPPS ») have decided to join forces in May 2020 as part of a strategic alliance to best meet the expectations of their customers as identified at the time of the global Covid-19 crisis

DPPS has a global calling, but has had particular expertise in the Near and Middle East, Central Asia and the African continent for 20 years

DPPS will serve its clients in particular on the following subjects :

  1. Actions in an uncertain world
  2. Production of strategic and actionable information
  3. Operational support for transformation
  4. Legal support on deals in a changing situation and / or in a crisis situation
  5. Renegotiation of deals in crisis situations

In this context, Princeps Strategy will provide upstream support to Dumon Partners’ entrepreneurial and multinational clients in the following areas :

  1. Strategic intelligence
  2. Economic intelligence
  3. Government and institutional affairs
  4. Security
  5. Support for corporate, commercial and financial development in moving areas

 Olivier Bariéty
« We are currently living, as in any crisis, a unique moment where the unknown remains a major factor. This crisis, which is already rich in lessons, shows an aftermath that is taking shape via a geopolitical, industrial and economic reconstruction within a shifting ecosystem that no longer resembles that of yesterday.

Anticipation, information - through its operational and intelligible modeling - and permanent risk will be at the heart of new decision-making in an uncertain context » 

Nathalie de Gaulle
« Faced with this massive movement, it is essential to arm ourselves and offer concrete support to our customers to help them better anticipate their future difficulties and take into account the right decisions at the outset »​


« Our concept of advice is to support decision-makers in their decision-making and legal assistance in formalizing said decisions. Anticipating problems as early as possible and integrating them into our legal strategy for customer service seems natural to us. The upstream support which Princeps can provide to our customers' decisions-making shall provide essential added value in our opinion »

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