About us

Our Vision

To provide strategic intelligence + a continuum between Strategy and Operations

We bring an in-depth understanding of an ever-faster, ever-changing, ever-complex environment. Information research, modeling and on-the ground operational actions are at the heart of this process. We think differently to allow forward-thinking and business development

Our Approach

« We build our approach on long-term
intuitu personae relationships & trust »

Because the world has become uncertain and unstable, knowledge and strategic information management are now fundamental to think and design business strategies

This knowledge is at the heart of PRINCEPS STRATEGY's approach: to find meaning in complexity, to be proactive, to act with agility. This is to offer solid, relevant and innovative solutions to companies growing and interacting in a moving world

This approach will flourish by putting people at the heart of an ethical system, and by using a confidential and operational approach

We believe in multiplicity of skills and cross-fertilization of experiences. Only they will allow innovative, differentiated approaches which at the end will create growth

We are convinced that technology is a fundamental asset, but at the service of women and men

We are persuaded that conviction and courage must be the basis for decision-making

We believe in intuitu personae relationships, with a pragmatic look at current realities and global issues

We support you every step of the way

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Our Founders


CEO Princeps Strategy AMEA DMCC

Olivier is a well recognized specialist in Business Intelligence & Strategy applied to international companies, with a focus on Tourism and Hospitality, Defense, Services industries with a global approach for a very operational direct support

Former Vice-president of ACCOR group in Africa, Middle East: 36 countries, 260 hotels. Olivier was in charge of Security and Business Intelligence from 2017 to 2019. His responsibilities included risks analysis, risks and crisis management, security assessment, property audit, systems and process design, as well by providing technical security support for new projects

Previously Colonel in the French army, and representative of the French Special Operations Command for the North of Indian Ocean from 2013 to 2017

Late Head of Indirect Actions and deputy Director of operations from 2008 to 2013, he was in charge of prospective and anticipation for the Special Operations Command in Africa and in the Middle East

Specialist of INFOWAR and Business Intelligence, he wrote collective books and his well-recognized expertise lead him to teach at HEC Business School - ranked #1 in Europe - and at the prestigious French IHEDN

Olivier is a member of :

  1. The French Business Council, the French commercial chamber of Dubai and the Northern Emirates
  2. The French Founders, 1st business club of the French speaking leaders
  3. The Cercle K2, French Think Tank

Olivier is an Officer of French Légion d’Honneur

  1. Graduate from Ecole Militaire Interarmes de Saint-Cyr
  2. Graduate from Ecole de Guerre Paris
  3. Masters Degree of Defense, Geostrategy and Industrial Dynamics from ISAD-Paris II
  4. Masters Degree of Defense and Geopolitics from Ecole de Guerre Paris


CEO Princeps Strategy International

Nathalie holds a double expertise in Strategic & Business Intelligence and Institutional Affairs, with a focus on Tech, Defense and Energy industries

Nathalie is serial entrepreneur, she is co-founder and partner at SOCIETER, a consulting house in sustainable leadership and corporate diplomacy

In 2019, she joined the Board of ANTAEUS Technology, an IT company specialized in Cloud and Artificial Intelligence for the energy sector

In 2018, she co-founded NB-INOV, a tech company which aims at establishing an innovative biomaterials industry

She co-founded BAYNUNA ECONOMIC CONSULTING LLC in 2012, a business intelligence company in the United Arab Emirates, in partnership with the technology and defense group BAYNUNA

Nathalie started her career in trading at Société Générale CIB in London, before joining the ENGIE Group Finance Department as part of its High Potential Executive Program

Until 2018, Nathalie was a national representative for French citizens living abroad

In regard to her personal commitments, Nathalie is :

  1. A Board member of Croissance Responsable Foundation
  2. A Board member of Mission Laïque Française
  3. A member of COMEX40, the MEDEF Executive Committee which brings together 45 leaders and founders under the age of 40
  4. A member of the Nizami Ganjavi International Center

Nathalie is :

  1. Graduate from Sciences-Po Paris
  2. Graduate from HEC Paris
  3. Certified by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  4. Certified by the Institut des Hautes Etudes de la Défense Nationale

Learn About

Our Team

Franck AMATO

Senior Consultant

15 years experience
Risk & Crisis Management

Areas of expertise
• risk analysis
• emergency planning
• crisis management
• impact mitigation measures
• continuity plans
• team management & leadership


Junior Analyst Consultant

5 years experience
Business & Competitive Intelligence

Areas of expertise
• business & competitive intelligence
• arab world
• security defense
• influence

Anne-Sophie DUCREUX

Senior Independent Consultant

15 years experience
Geopolitics & Africa

Areas of expertise
• africa region
• geopolitics
• influence
• strategic communication
• government affairs
• project management


Senior Independent Consultant

15 years experience
Geopolitics & Middle East

Areas of expertise
• arab world
• security defense
• geopolitics
• influence
• strategic communication
• government affairs



15 years experience
Strategy & transformation

Areas of expertise
• strategy
• transformation & change management
• corporate culture
• ethical commitment & values
• cohesion
• leadership & management
• strategic communication
• influence


Senior Consultant

20 years experience
Innovation & Strategic Foresight

Areas of expertise
• strategic foresight
• decision-taking in complex environments
• management of innovation eco-systems
• intrapreneurship & startup dynamic